Find Your Flugelbinder! Now I’m from the generation of the ‘flugelbinder’ so if you’ve seen the movie ‘Cocktail’, you’ll get my vibe  on this page.  It’s a very specific solution often for a problem that people didn’t even think existed! Flugelbinder is actually a fictitious word originated in the movie “Cocktail”, during a discussion about […]

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4 Sure Fire Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

1291 words – 5 1/2 minutes 1. Advertise I know this is a very obvious one. A Paid search, particularly on social media platforms continues to prove they are all excellent ways of attracting visitors. It’s an important link in the chain of building your brand and driving traffic to your website. Choose paid strategies […]

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How to Write a Good Capability Statement

What is a business capability statement? A Capability Statement is a very brief (only 1 or 2 pages), to the point and specifically related to the individual agency’s needs. Ideally, it is a living document that will change depending on the targeted audience. Your Business Capability Statement provides the reader with a more in depth, […]

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Will You Pledge to Build an Anti-Racist Fashion Brand?

Diversity and Inclusion is not just inviting people into the room or providing a seat at the table.  Brene’ Brown’s interview with Aiko Bethea in November 2020not only confirmed what I’ve always felt, but it helped me articulate in my own writing the issues of racism, unconscious bias, privilege and exclusion.

Not only have I tackled the big issues in gender inequality, the gender suicide gap and mental health but the sustainability of our environment and a cleaner organic life has remained a constant priority… more

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Get Personal

In this blog we look at how to generate online reviews from happy customers and why it’s important, as well as the impact it has on your business and income.  Review Drive Customers  Reviews Build Trust  Reviews Increase Sales Firstly, you need to provide a space, send out an invitation or ask for a review. […]

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The Trusted Voice of an Expert

Quotes from voices of authority can lend credibility and depth when writing articles. For every article I write I consult five to 10 experts. It normally depends on the length, type and complexity of subject, in saying that: domestic violence, mens mental health, womens empowerment and child protection are not your most superficial of topics. […]

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Why creating content is worth it.

What is a Call To Action?

A CTA is not a Sales Pitch but a gentle sign post directing your intrigued reader where to go next.  So today, I have the WordStyler Call To Actions for Your Digital Asset checklist to download!”  

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Linkedin – A professional platform for your personality.

Linkedin is the professional platform for your personality and has the capacity of Google to search for not WHAT but WHO you need to find.  Searching for people and services based on specific keywords is made easier if your profile is optimised for the keywords people are searching for. This is where developing your personal […]

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How to Optimise Your Digital Assets

This information can become quite overwhelming so I have tried to remove the fluffy words and serve up the facts. Metadata – the data used to describe a digital asset, transitions your workflow from “finding” to “searching.” If the Metadata does not exists you will have to remember what folder your digital asset is stored […]

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As it appears on ShireWomen This is an article written for Sophie B Photography, a proud member of ShireWomen and a well respected, talented and sort after photography. For more information check out or reach out to her at I interviewed Sophie during our Shire Women introduction package and from this created a 2000 word document. I […]

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The Trick to Humbled Self Promotion

I’ve written and spoken out against gender inequality and those off the cuff remarks degrading a women, that if the same attitude or behaviour was displayed by a man, he’d be a legend until it’s actually made my ears bleed (not to mention my friends ears). This is not mystifying to me in our patriarchial […]

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An Elevator Pitch to build your Personal Brand and Develop Reputation Capital

Personal Brand, Personal Development and Self Discovery.

‘Who we show up as for ourselves is just as important as who we show up for to others.’ – someone said this to me.

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