“Success is only temporary.”

Who’s this Pip Rae anyway?

Funny Story in my blog about this title.

Pip Rae is a social justice journalist, podcast producer and radio presenter with a background in criminal investigations, HR and social impact advocacy.   She began writing 15 years ago as she journalled her way through PTSD and anxiety whilst undertaking therapy in CBT, Radical Acceptance, Meditation, Mindfulness and more recently Post Traumatic Growth Strategies.

Since returning from her life changing trip in New York on Boxing Day 2017, Pip created her radio show, The Hour to Empower and accompanying podcast Elements of Empowerment, wrote several books (still in development), built a Digital Online Podcast Station (Shirepod on Podbean) that is now a successful community platform for business owners and advocates like herself.  She wants to publish an online publication called The Universal Issue as she brings together the information and inspiration to become a self worth specialist – inspiring and maintaining confidence in self.

Having lost herself in the roles of wife, mother and work, Pip now works with her clients to soften the edge of an identity crisis and reframe the narrative of that story.  By identifying the characteristics that consistently support strengths, recognise and validates self worth, creates space for self expression and freedom of speech.

Pip leads courageous conversations with business owners by creating a safe space for them to be themselves and tell the stories that have built their personal brand.

This is Me!

A bit about our Creative Director

my friends call me Pip, Pipstar, Pippy, Pip Off, Pipachino

loves being on location,

writer, journalist, feminist, advocate, equity builder,

mum of 4,

mother to a coeliac

drinks ginger and lemon tea

grows organic heirloom chilli’s

loves the smell of mint

Thermomix owner and lover of lamb

owns a very expensive Tiffany & Co Coffee cup (NYC)

living in sydney, born in The Shire

grew up on a farm, had a pet ram called Rambo

loves laughing out loud and finding daily adventures

admires all women, champions all men, protects all children

can’t live without a paper diary

wouldn’t mind learning the guitar


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