Personal Brand: How to build it.

Communicate, Clear, Concise and Consistent Content

Personal Brand

Step 1. We record a Podcast  as a lead generating digital asset
Step 2. We write an Expert Article  to develop your authority
Step 3. We write  Blog Posts  to communicate to your audience
Step 4. We write  About Us Page to share your story
Step 5. We write  testimonials  that are curated from your clients 
Step 6. We write  Linkedin Profiles  to demonstrate your expertise 
Step 7. We create  Social Media Posts that promote what you do with aN effective CTA 
Step 8. We build  Link directory on instagram  for a one click connection
Step 9. We design  Simple Client journey’s  to take them from interest to engagement
Step 10. We develop and create  Digital Assets  that provide value to your clients. 

Brand Me

We are experts in turning conversations into meaningful content.



We conduct interviews for Media, Press Releases, Product Launches, Events, Promotions, Charity Events or anything that is important to your business. From these interviews we extract tag lines, article headings, blog ideas, social media captions, podcast ideas and recommendations for marketing strategies.

From that extraction we write further content, record podcasts and even publish your interview on our Podcast Station.

Or you can take our recommendations and create your own work in-house.


PODCAST CREATION and digital assets

We create podcast strategies for our clients to ensure their message is being expertly articulated. From brainstorming to questions to pose, to storytelling and narration, to facilitating and editing – we have you covered.

Whether you want training to DIY your own podcast or want us to help you will all aspects, we have a tried and tested formula to make your podcast a success.

We can also publish your podcast on our podcast station the Sutherland Shire Podcast Station.

EXPERT ARTICLES and linkedin campaigns from your interview

One of the most difficult things in business is to write an article about yourself or your latest achievement!

We sit down with you, have a simple conversation, extract information and create content ranging from case studies, articles, content marketing, blogs, captions, tag lines and recommendations for future articles.

We can create press releases that articulate your message and purpose, and even assist you with putting you in touch with contacts who will publish them.

Click Here for examples

WEBSITE Audit and CONTENT Creation

Your website is an important part of your online presence. The key is to get your message across in a concise and relatable way so that your audience clearly digests why they need to do business with you.

From just one interview’ with you we extract your why, your how and your joy to create content that articulates clear messages and themes to your target audience.

From just one conversation
We also create ongoing content such as expert articles, blogs, audio voice overs for video content, podcasts and more so that your audience stays engaged and your website stays highly ranked on google.

Here’s you DIY Website Audit

communication strategies for social media

Scroll Stopping Headlines, juicy, connected, meaningful content with a strong call to action.

Sounds like an easy formula, right?

These days attracting and holding the attention of your audience requires character and consistency.


Have you got a strategy for brand recognition?
Are you staying front of mind?
How do you keep your audience engaged?
Do you distribute across all social platforms?
What is your tag line?
Do you have an elevator pitch?


For those of our clients who like to create their own content, or have a solid strategy in place but need a refresher or a bit of training to brush up on skills, we have a suite of educational modules to assist the DIY content creator.

Whether that’s guidance on how to write a great article, or create an engaging podcast series, or how to write a great social media caption, we have the DIY content creators covered.

We take you step by step through a process that helps you find your identity in a crowded market.  

What’s Your USP?

We create all of this for you allowing you to feel confident in your brand.

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