Prices and Packages

Writing jobs are broadly categorised.

Creative. Copy Writing. Editing.

The style is tailored for its’ purpose and intention.

with each having a particular function requiring writers to have skills that

 generate business, engagement and convert leads.

Sometimes it can be difficult to assess whether it’s worth investing in a writing service or see the value they bring to the project. So this page sets out what writing services do, who you need and how much it might cost. I say ‘might’ because each project is unique and requires a ratio of attention depending on the specifications. But the industry has some guidelines to help you evaluate the costs, timings and investment.

A freelance editor is a contractor and works on a project-by-project basis for their clients.  From $500pm / 3 month min

Retainers usually start at $500 per month for premium services which assigns the management of newsletters, media releases, social media content and channels. Creation of a well constructed blog, email nurture campaign, engaging web copy, enticing product descriptions, designer and optimised landing pages, SEO support, edit reviews of blogs and writing ads are other services offered.  whilst scripting videos, capability statements, and ebooks or PDF’s are projects that can be created once your freelancer has an understanding of your brand.

These monthly tasks need a plan and an agreement, in order to set expectations. These tasks take time and outcomes need to be identified and specified with a Scope of Work. This is a proposal that is often negotiated for inclusions, exclusions and special considerations or bonus’.  This is often best done in a conversation, frankly, openly and honestly.  Outlining exactly what’s involved requires some education and understanding on both sides so the impact of writing services can be measured.

Specialised writers have particular knowledge and skills in industry, businesses or writing services and that is what you are paying for. It will take them less time to research and collate information if they already have an understanding.

  1. Social Media: management of channels, updates, ad creation, engagement and group interaction. From $1000 per month
  2. E Newsletters;  research industry news, editorial calendars, article content, single voice development, list and dissemination. From $900 – $2k per issue (1200-1500 words). Doesn’t include set up.
  3. Online Content: industry news research, blog posts with quotes and backlinks, interviews for case studies, press releases and articles for publication. Individual piece development for sales funnels including email, video scripts and slide shows.

An online presence is an essential tool in today’s marketing of businesses, products and services.  The question is not what will it cost but what is it costing you not to have these tools in your marketing plan.


Driving Web Traffic,

Social Media Engagement,

Nurturing Emails,

Sharing Information,

Educational Material,

Persuading Editorial,

Article for Authority.


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