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Why creating content is worth it.

Communicating your core message and developing your personal brand is all done by creating content.

Naturally as a wellness advocate, (having been a fitness trainer, swim coach, mental health warrior, conflict resolutionist, empowerment speaker and trauma trained)  I’ve been working with many wellness influencers, health industry experts and leaders in alternative therapies in creating their content, that shares their personal story that  resonates with readers.

A personal struggle is a strong and common motivator by wellness practitioners, and whilst the chapters of their life are put onto the page, expressing their expertise is only leveraged by their language.

Time Line Therapy – Builds Confidence and Brands

The opportunity for me to develop a specialisation in the wellness industry has come after investing many years in research and education along the spectrum of health to stress and illness.  It has given me a clear understanding of the issues, problems and solutions for themes, topics, questions, concepts and compelling content.

Don’t worry I spent years not recognising my own talent, not trusting and keeping my opinions to myself. I was afraid to use my voice, so I spent days holding my tongue, feeling insecure and incomplete not wanting to rock the boat.

That was until someone I knew, trusted and respected, saw in me what I didn’t, and helped me change the core belief that kept my confidence low.  I was enough, I was unique and my experiences could be the roadmap for someone else.

She asked me two questions

‘what do you stand for? and

‘what do you want to be known for?’

From these two simple answers, my personal brand was birthed, I stood for Social Justice and Equality. I want to be known for Womens Empowerment and helping others to see and step into their potential.

It was a trajectory that helped me define my identity and develop a kit that now helps others see the potential they I see in them.

I  take my responsibility in building the brands of my clients seriously because as I have experienced, it’s a process that builds self worth, a universal issue influenced and destroyed by feelings not facts.  So now I show people how to brand themselves with their personality, power and position.


For you to build trust and respect with your audience, sharing authentic experiences, aspects of your personality and leveraging what is unique and original about you creates a truth, not perfection.  It helps people to see the real deal, accept the raw you and relate.

‘Oh so this is her.’

Content helps you share the relevant information that resonates, creating an opportunity for you to offer a solution.  It’s a magnetic pull that attracts clients to you, which means you don’t have to push.

The sole purpose of creating content is to

  • invite,
  • inform,
  • influence
  • educate,
  • engage
  • entertain and
  • bring awareness to the solutions you have to your clients problems.

Your skills and knowledge are valuable and a call to action is a non negotiable inclusion when it comes to sharing your content.

When you have content that results in comments like

‘I love her approach’

‘I want to be like her.’

‘I love her style’

you know they are fulfilling their purpose and making the impact they have set out to achieve.

Branding Content has four main objectives.

  1. Share the methodology and philosophy of your expertise and humanisation.
  2. Be the authority and a relatable friend.
  3. Express and leverage a 360 degree view of yourself.
  4. Create a brand that is a natural extension of yourself.

Keen to get started. Take the FYID Challenge.

But first……

What is a Call To Action?

A CTA is not a Sales Pitch but a gentle sign post directing your intrigued reader where to go next.  So today, I have the WordStyler Call To Actions for Your Digital Asset checklist to download!

See what I just did!

Offering more value to the listeners and readers with a complimentary gift is a great way to build your relationship and provide an opportunity for them to get to know you better and trust you more.  It will help you collect their email address and further opportunities to pitch yourself.

Why do I need to create Digital Assets

If you have spent the time creating your digital assets to build your brand, create awareness and recognition or generate leads then making your call to action clear with a strategy can deliver the value for them and ROI for you.

Deliver awesome content.

The opportunity for them to access the information they are looking for is firstly, being of service.  That’s why you started this business.  It gives them an opportunity, they may not have found, to follow you and stay connected to you, becoming the  potential customer you are looking for.

There are several types of Call to Actions.

Informational, Invitational, Engagement, Share, Nurture, Promotion, Educational, 

1) Lead Generation.

2) Form Submission.

3) Educational “Learn More” Button.

4) Product or Service Discovery.

5) Social Sharing and Awareness.

6) Lead Nurturing and Client Eliminating.

7) Closing a Sale.

8) Invitational Event Promotion.

The Most Effective Strategy is to choose One Clear Thing for the listener or reader to do –  so they can make a a conscious choice. 

Use one of your digital assets to create the link.

  1. Invitation to Event
  2. Find Out More
  3. Learn More
  4. Sign up for this free webinar
  5. DYI Assessment, Audit or Analysis….
  6. Check out my Website
  7. Join this Facebook Group
  8. Follow me on Instagram
  9. Download this Check list
  10. Check out this Guide 
  11. Follow this Roadmap
  12. Gift a Downloadable Worksheet
  13. Take A Quiz
  14. Subscribe to my email list
  15. Take a seven day challenge
  16. Listen to other Podcasts in this series.  Podcast title and where to listen – Spotify, Apple, 
  17. Check out this podcast for more 
  18. Engage the Text Message CTA – Call Loop text marketing
  19. Grab my ebook

Your task is to leverage your reach through digital assets you already own or create one with this handy Digital Asset Check List

Oops, I did it again.

But hang on, what about I make this a little bit easier for you to not only audit your digital assets but provide an easy one click solution to creating others with the WordStyler Digital Asset Creation List.

It’s available if you provide me with your name and email address!

3 simple steps to putting a strategy in place.

So now you have your

  1. Digital Asset Creation List, and
  2. DIY Digital Asset Audit and
  3. Call To Action List to create your strategy.


Go Forward and Create. Give More Value and watch your audience grow.

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