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An Elevator Pitch to build your Personal Brand and Develop Reputation Capital

This week I finished the game changing Future Women Platinum Leadership Course on building my personal brand and reputation capital.  So I wanted to share a well known strategy that many already know but sometimes find difficult to do for themselves.  But First I wanted to share my process.

A while ago I started with this vision board above.

It became a process of filtering through my screen shots on my phone and trolling the internet, in particular my Pinterest Boards. From a picture of a young innocent me at school that showed up on facebook in memories, right through to inspirations, likes, loves, passion, purpose, traumas, mantras, music, learnings, lessons, interests, favourite colours, activities, obsessions, images, goals, intentions, choices, decisions, core beliefs, influencers, books, groups, TV shows, movies, network connections, events, fashion and the list just went on and on and on.


Self Discovery is a personal responsibility.

‘Who we show up as for ourselves is just as important as who we show up for to others.’ – someone said this to me.

My questions to myself were :

Is this the real me?

Is this who I want to be…… thought I’d be? and

is this what I want to be known for…….

Then I break into song “this is me” from The Greatest Showman like the Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist……

So if you want to get to know the real you or how someone else perceives we have two quick exercises to firm up your elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a short sharp introduction to who you are and what you do by encompassing your why and identifying your potential client.

  1. Find three words to describe what you do.

Work, Inspire, Create, Lead, Devote, Connect, Develop, Engage, Write, Share, Invite, Investigate, Build, Share, Assess, Empower.

2. Find one word to describe your client.

Passionate Business Owner, Inspiring Leader, Empowered Woman, Engaged Educator.

3. Describe your clients why?

who want to stand out, who want to grow their business, that solves complex problems, who shares valuable information, engages their students.

So I’m not just a Podcast Host.

“I lead a conversation to create a safe space that allows them to be themselves and share their stories with the world.” – Pip Rae

I’m not just a Podcast Producer

‘I create valuable digital assets and strategies through the power of podcasting for business owners who want to build a personal brand.” – Pip Rae

If you are needing some help, get it touch – our signature service  ‘from just one conversation’ will gather the information, generate a profile and content for your About Us page, Media One Sheet or position you as an expert in your Linkedin Profile.

We turn it into a blog, a podcast episode or social media posts.

Check out the FYID Kit (Find Your Identity) to start your self discovery journey and listen to the Elements of Empowerment Podcast Series to hear the meanings and behaviour that models the most admirable human attributes and characteristics.

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