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How to Write a Good Capability Statement

What is a business capability statement?

A Capability Statement is a very brief (only 1 or 2 pages), to the point and specifically related to the individual agency’s needs. Ideally, it is a living document that will change depending on the targeted audience.

Your Business Capability Statement provides the reader with a more in depth, factual synopsis about your company’s product and service offerings. It outlines the key personnel and their qualifications.  It includes vital information that helps prospective clients make an initial discernment, further determinations and sound decisions about your company’s credentials and track record, giving them a capacity to trust that you have the capabilities to perform the contract requirements. 

A capability statement sits between the business card and a SOW (Scope of Work) in preparation for a fully tailored proposal addressing specific needs.

A powerfully and persuasively written Business Capability Statements will differentiate your business from your competitors, reinforcing your business brand and value proposition whilst showcasing previous work to existing and potential new customers.

What to Include:

The following information is important to include in your company’s Capability Statement:

  • Name and company branding, slogan (if any)
  • Summary description of the company
  • Core Capabilities
  • Description of major services offered
  • Federal Small Business Certifications
  • Contract Vehicles in which you participate (Federal and State)
  • State Certifications
  • Local, Quasi, and Non-Government agencies you have served
  • Major Clients (list the most important), Commercial and Government
  • NAICS Codes
  • Partners and authorized resellers
  • Staff clearances and certifications
  • General Company information, including
    • Registered company name
    • DBA
    • Year of incorporation
    • State of incorporation
    • Corporation type
    • D-U-N-S Number
    • CAGE Code
  • Contact information

In More Detail

  • Past performance of your company (the type of work you have undertaken highlighting positive outcomes achieved which your target audience should expect to see)
  • List of customers /clients you have done business with, or most similar to the ones you want to do business with
  • Points about your products and services in the language that will appeal to your target audience
  • Key offerings or areas of expertise aligned against your marketing strategy
  • Accreditations, certifications, awards
  • Contact information
  • Company overview
  • Presentation


  • Visually appealing
  • 1 page (front and back)
  • Present information concisely
  • Use bullets, simple tables, highlighted sections for readability
  • Have someone from outside your company read your statement and provide feedback, before sharing with customers/potential customers
  • Be sure to check spelling and grammar
  • Save as a PDF for cost-effective email distribution, and print extras in hard copy to hand out at trade shows or meetings
  • Consider producing a front cover for more formal use (such as tenders and presentations when requested).
  • Incorporate photography such as head shots for biographies and mastheads to quickly communicate the topic
  • Use infographics or data visualisation to explain and/or simplify business processes or methodologies
  • Keep sentences short and succinct, and use bullet points to improve the readability of your document
  • Type positioning, spacing and font selection should reinforce your corporate style

Public Service Resumes Business Capability Statements include a custom Company design ( not a logo )  for you and your company’s needs.

A specialist Business Capability Statement writer will listen and discuss your design brief during the consultations. 

Having your Business Capability Statement professionally written and designed will not only reinforce your brand, but will enhance recall and retention of your key message, improve readability and engage your readers.

Something important to remember in Business is that people rarely come to you!  

A Business Capability Statement is therefore one marketing tool available to help build your brand visibility and recognition, lift your profile and promote your Company in the best possible light. 

Writers with the experience and knowledge in completing outstanding Business Capability Statements that best reflect you and the business you are promoting will provide a quote, so it’s important to know:

What the price includes:


  • Professionally written 8 page document supplied in Word Document for review
  • 1  round of changes on initial drafts  of written content


  • A professional photoshoot at desired location


  • Beautifully designed 8 page document containing written content and professional photography
  • 1  round of changes on all initial drafts of design


  • Capability Statement written content (only) supplied in Word Document, great for use in tenders and on website
  • Fully designed, high resolution PDF suitable for print and web
  • High resolution edited pictures for you to use on other marketing collateral

What the statement includes:

Capability statement content includes:

  • A clear headline or positioning statement that solves your clients problem, not describing what you are offering. It’s an opening paragraph directed to the client: No one wants to ‘Buy a car’. They want ‘safe and luxurious transport’.  No one buys, ‘Workplace Harassment’  they are looking for ‘Small business dispute resolution’
  • Branding consistent with your other marketing communications (web, letterhead and so on)
  • Succinct and clear descriptions or punchy lists of your services
  • Facts and statistics on excellent outcomes you can refer.
  • Copy that appeals to a targeted audience and avoids generalisations. Be specific and succinct.
  • Copy that focusses on the client’s perspective and frames your capabilities through:
    • The value that your work adds
    • Problems you are in demand to solve
    • The differences they’ll notice working with you.
  • Third party evidence: client testimonials, awards, rankings, memberships, other accolades
  • Thumbnail bios of team leader/s
  • Clear contact details including web, LinkedIn and Twitter (you can ditch the fax number)
  • Optional extra: some sort of special offer, limited time enticement, or other call to action.

How to format a capability statement?

Capability statements are between 2 – 8 pages in length.

A document that can be easily and quickly edited is usually the most effective and efficient. A high quality and smart template can give you a high end designed look with the freedom and flexibility to update, include and lightly tailor content to each opportunity rather than always  having to involve a graphic designer.

A Capability Statement is like a resume for your company. 

They’re used across many industries, particularly construction and mining, to attract new clientele like government agencies. 

Here is a reference to help you get started.

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