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My background

Just like you I have been telling stories my whole life.  Usually it's my side of the story. Then I was in a job where I investigated both sides of the story in other peoples lives. Valuable lessons learnt.  I guess that's why my favourite Broadway Show is 'Wicked ' and saw it again last December in NYC (#8th time)

This inspired my online writing group. 

'I hope you're happy'. - on Facebook. If you're a keen to write writer then join in on Monday nights between 7-9pm. Universal 'Write In'. No obligation to publish, just permission to write by appointment. 

Now I tell other people stories in poems and profile Personal, Business and Product Bio's for websites, publications and sites like LinkedIn.  I also have a sign at my desk that says "novelist at work, bystanders may be written into the story", because there are 17 books I want to write.

I'm a Domestic Violence Advocate having been a victim and an offender. It's not what you think.  It's just my story.   I still believe in Justice, mainly social and I have completely transformed my life by investing in a Life Coach.  Shock horror I'm not perfect!  

Right Now! I am creating the life I want to live with the stories of people who reflect my core moral values.  So just because you have found me, this is not where my story started and I get to create my own ending. And so do you.   My FYID Kit can actually help you map it out, and remind you to put that hat on when you need to.  It is actually a superpower switch you can flick.  

The world is waiting to meet the real you. 

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My writing roots

I've been writing mine and other peoples stories for over 25 years in another job that didn't let me use many adjectives. Frustrating.   But I got very good at describing people, places and situations by using the true meaning of the word in context.  'Slightly dramatic' they used to say!  My NY Times Best Seller is on it's way.  Watch this space.

My style

I am a Word Styler.  I learn a new word every day.  I learn it’s meaning, it’s opposite, what it rhymes with, words that have the same meaning and then I use it.  When writing Bio’s or descriptions of People or Business’s with Products or Services I make it about choosing the words that give genuine meaning to the context.  It can be a complex process.....but that is my genius.   

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Contact Me

Better yet, send me an email at piprae1@gmail.com

Trying to find yourself, define yourself, your service, business or products has a special formula. If you would like a profile Bio updated or your story captured it takes me about 60 minutes to put a 100 word bio together which can be chopped down to 50 or 25 words. Great for getting your message across clearly.

Remember sticks and stones can break your bones but words can leave an invisible bruise or break a heart. 

Choose your words carefully. Choose a time to chat. My Diary


Sydney, Australia. NYC NYC. Gold Coast, Qld

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Writing demands concentration and focus.  I’ve become highly skilled at blocking out distraction to keep away disuassions and palm face fear in the face by limiting my contact with people in general.  Don’t take it personally. It is just how I roll.