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Collaborated Podcasts with The WordStyler


The WordStyler helps individuals and businesses create content and now they have teamed up with the ShirePOD to produce podcasts.

The WordStyler content process distills the interviews of a brand into a podcast episode that help businesses connect with their audience. Using your voice to share your stories is a unique and authentic.

The Interview

WordStyler has teamed up with the ShirePOD to produce business podcasts for business owners looking to boost their brand.

  • The interview lasts between 30-45 minutes is edited, branded and shared on the ShirePod Podcast Platform.
  • You book a time and day that suits you, we’ll send you a questionnaire to prepare some content.
  • Turn up to the studio ready for the interview.   We do a short ‘green room’ prep chat and then get stuck into the conversation.

WordStyler created this Podcast Series to give individuals, business owners and industry specialists the opportunity to build their personal brand and create a digital asset that they could strategically share with their audience across all social media channels.

During the interview I discuss your expertise, Personal Branding With Interviewslife themes, stories and experiences that provide valuable insights about
your personal and profession lives, that helps connect you to your clients, customers and followers.

Personal Branding

Building a personal brand and creating the right content that reflects who you are, what you do and why, takes time.

It’s a journey of self discovery that unpacks your values, attitudes, beliefs and communication style.


Guesting on a podcast gives you a great opportunity to talk
naturally about your passions and purpose, life lessons learnt and the vision for the future.  Guesting means there is no heavy lifting in post production.
Within in weeks you receive the link to share and a Content Strategy to implement across all digital platforms.  There are upgrades for Expert Articles, About Us and Media Pages as well as collection of Testimonials.  Check out our Guesting Agency for more opportunities in audience growth, brand recognition and creating income streams through sponsorship.

The Podcast

The Podcast is a popular means of communicating with your audience, telling the stories that are vulnerable, painful and transformative aren’t always comfortable, even awky’s.  Our skilled investigative journalist curates the content and constructs the podcast in a way that tells your truth and perspective.

This Podcast could be the launching pad for brand recognition and becoming the expert in your industry.

You receive a book of questions to consider and come into the studio to create the magic during a candid and comfortable conversation.

If  you would like to try guesting on a podcast, fill in the details below and we’ll contact you with some more information the next available dates.

Alternatively, book your personal branding interview today.

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