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Digital Assets

In the simplest terms, a digital asset is content that’s stored digitally.

What is a digital asset?

It is defined as an asset if:

  • It is digital in nature.
  • It is uniquely identifiable.
  • It provides value to the company.

The definition of a digital asset is always expanding as new digital formats are constantly emerging. Take the Mp3 for example. It did not exist until the 1990’s. A digital asset can be any content, in any format, that is stored digitally and provides value to a company, business, user or consumer.

Here are a list of 65 sites and platforms used for social networking. 

Digital Assets are the accounts and platforms but also include: digital documents like ebooks and spreadsheets, audible content like podcasts and music, video and images, and other relevant digital data that generate leads towards a solution based product or solution.

Other examples include:

Photography, logos, illustrations, animations, audiovisual media, presentations, spreadsheets, word documents, electronic mails, websites, and a multitude of other digital formats and their respective metadata.

What are Digital Goods then?

Digital goods or e-goods may also be classed as assets if they meet the above three criteria.  They are intangible goods that exist in digital form. Examples include this article; digital media, such as e-books, downloadable music, internet radio, internet television and streaming media; fonts, logos, photos and graphics; digital subscriptions; online ads; internet coupons; electronic tickets; electronically traded financial instruments; downloadable software (Digital Distribution) and mobile apps; cloud-based applications and online games; virtual goods used within the virtual economies of online games and communities; workbooks; worksheets; planners; e-learning (online courses); webinars, video tutorials, blog posts; cards; patterns; website themes; templates.

What do they actually do?

They provide information, educate the reader, engage the audience, influence the customer or entertain the client to remain engaged.

All digital assets provide value, but not all digital assets are valued equally. Some are irreplaceable and have a value that outweighs the cost of creating it. Digital assets that are impossible to recreate, such as photos or videos of once-in-a-lifetime events. These assets are more valuable to a company or an individual than assets that may have taken time to recreate but, with some time and effort, can be replicated

How to link digital assets?

DA’s are stored on digital platforms like websites (CMS), social media accounts or in a digital asset management (DAM) system that intertwine software and hardware in order to manage, store, ingest, organise and retrieve digital assets.

Content and Digital Asset Infographic

Digital asset management systems allow users to find and use content when they need it. They’re uniquely identifiable by definition, digital assets are also searchable and discoverable.

How does it help your online presence?

Digital asset management systems allow users to find and use content when they need it. Online operators rely heavily on digital assets to influence potential customers buying behaviour, build brand awareness and recognition.

Personal Brand

Digital assets provide a visual representation of your products or services, and they enable you to connect with and engage your target audience through a vast array of channels and mediums. In short, from your company logo to your advertising copy, digital assets are the foundation of your brand identity, so effective digital asset management is a must.

I hope this has helped you understand the role digital assets play in your online presence and as the top imagine states, Digital Assets create the content that connects and in turn, Digital Assets need content created.  Is a circular process that has endless opportunities.

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