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Podcast Guesting is a fun, easy way to lift your personal brand. By sharing your personal experiences, the lessons you’ve learnt or tap into the specialised training and education you’ve undertaken, you are able to leverage your industry exposure and position yourself as an expert in your fields of interest. Now, you can wait around to be invited to onto a podcast, or you can actively pursue a guesting role on perfectly aligned podcasts with your one sheet.

Commentating on your favourite subjects and being seen as an interesting person, because of your knowledge and skills, is a door opener for more opportunities to increase your income capacity, build your business brand and sell your products.

When a Podcast Host receives your One Sheet. They get a very clear vision of your professional value and the insights you offer. By being a guest you have a responsibility to show up as your best self and give everything you can to serve the community of your Host. Your one sheet is a big business card with everything a Podcast Host would want to know to make the decision to have you on their show.

What is a one sheet?

Your Podcast Guesting One Sheet summarises and shares

the TOPIC’s you can talk on.

QUESTIONS you can answer.

AREAS and INDUSTRIES you can comment on.

links to your DIGITAL ASSETS.

previous guesting EXPERIENCE. It also features a recent photo of you.

More Than One Sheet.

Depending on your topics, themes and expertise you may want to consider creating more than one ‘one sheet’.  If you are involved in a specific project with a particular niche, creating a one sheet as a part of your media kit will help you or your PR pitch to media outlets.

All about Avos ONESHEET is an example of our niche one sheet.  It demonstrates the language, opinion and perspective you bring to the table.

One Sheet Sample Pip Rae 2 is a very simple version with elements of design, text and colour that you can re-create.

Check out some of our clients below.

Research is the key.

Needing representation?

Our Guesting agency is busily researching shows and hosts to find perfect alignments for our podcast hosts and guests. With hundreds of thousands of podcasts uploaded to the internet we are looking for those quality shows that have longevity, credibility and integrity.

Our booking agents make the pitch, follow up with the host and send you a list of dates for you to consider. We do an introduction and facilitate meetings. In those first few months we give you as much support as you need to become confident with the process. As the podcast population grows, more and more people are finding their voice and becoming confident speakers, so if this is something that interests you, reach out to us.

We are here to help lift your brand.




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