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‘Tell Me More About That’ Podcast

This is the signature Podcast of the Wordstyler content creation process that builds personal brands.

Our resident journalist, Pip Rae, interviews our clients as guests on her podcast where she asks the questions that allows people to share their stories.

“I create valuable digital assets and strategies through the power of podcasting for passionate business owners who want to build their personal brand.” – Pip Rae

This intuitive process unpacks the characteristics, traits and values of their human experiences, exploring choices made and life changing decisions.  The impact of being at that place in that moment.  It’s been described as a therapeutic journey of self discovery.  A elevator ride from the ground floor to the roof top that reflects back on lessons learnt and the pathways to success.

The Podcast Episode becomes a digital asset for our client for them to extract content for their about us page, an expert article and an audio file for publication.   It creates over 45 other digital assets for distribution across all social media channels.

The most rewarding outcome is when guests hear themselves described as the person they always thought they were but never believed they had become.   The podcast is a powerful audio tool that is the story of an individual, told in their voice, from their perspective.  A version no one else knows and through the lens no one else will ever get to see.

It’s what makes you, you.  It’s your story in your voice: a unique combination of your language style, tone, speed, word association, voice patterns and signature inflections, all of which account for 40% of your impact on an audience. (RMIT).  Your voice is a powerful tool to connect you to your brand and the state in which you deliver your message can greatly affect how it is recieved.

Her voice sounded warm and kind, like she really cared about what I had been through.  She asked questions that were thought provoking and I heard myself answer them with ease, and in that moment I realised I really do know what I’m talking about” – Sarah M. Head of Experience, Melbourne.

Pip, who is with us today is a writer, an amazing writer and when she interviewed me recently it was really interesting because she asked me questions,  and those questions allowed me to give answers to questions that I had inside me but I have never verbally put them out there before.  So, I think for me, I express myself through photography and not necessarily through words. – Sophie B, Photographer
We pride ourselves on extracting your real story and showcasing the best version of you, even when you can’t see it.
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