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Dig Deep To Discover A Gold Mine Of ‘Digital’ Assets

not all storms come to rain on your parade, some come to clear your path.  

“You are sitting on a gold mine of Digital Assets.”

Four steps in the content creation journey

1. Discovery

First, WordStyler will collaborate with you as part of a discovery process. It is during this stage that we learn about your specific requirements for content creation.  We conduct a digital asset audit and decide which original content pieces to reuse and repurpose and identify other digital assets that would suit your strategy.  We place them into a content calendar that aligns with your marketing plan and get to work developing only those assets that add a valuable customer experience.

Content Audit – stats, evaluation, assessment, identify gaps

Content Calendar – quarterly goals, content funnel

Website Site – Blogs, ecommerce capabilities, testimonials, media page

Videos – Product, Service, Education, Information, Connection

Facebook – Posts, Videos, Images, Product/Service Links

Instagram – Images, Influences and Storytelling.

Linkedin – News Worthy Articles, Expert Articles and Media Releases

Pinterest – Specific and targeted

Other Digital Assets – online courses, download-ables, checklists, quiz, webinars etc

2. Develop

Developing a content and effective strategies  to support your business objectives is our focus.  We want your clients to follow a clear path, free from confusion and overwhelm in the journey.

Nail Business Messaging

Lift Brand Awareness, 

Increase Lead Generation

Clear Product Descriptions

Concise Service Description

Develop Website Traffic Drivers

Create Social Engagement

Build Digital Asset Catalogue.

3. Debrief

A simple to understand document and explanation that provides your team with an opportunity to review, comment and contribute.

4. Deliver

Content will be created by a team of SEO, copyright and expert industry writers. Final edits, backlinks to digital assets, branded imaging, product and service descriptions, marketing and promotions content is approved and supplied.

After the content is written, it is meticulously edited in-house to ensure a high standard of quality and that your specific requirements are met. In addition to a manual editorial process, the content is also verified for originality

Below are resources that will help you become, do and create.

  • Digital Asset Checklist

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