Confidence to Tell Your Story

Confidence to Tell Your Story

Confidence is a recipe of

Self Care
Trusting Yourself
Self Respect

It is the feeling or belief that you have faith in your personal decision making in the choices you create in times of change. Confidence is built on trusting yourself and having the self respect to honour your beliefs. Confidence isn’t something you find, it’s a feeling you create through a series of actions and positive self talk.

Now, Confidence is a fluctuating state of being that is challenged by the human experience. Your confidence is often measured by the level of skill, knowledge or an experience you’ve had that has tested your capacity in problem solving, finding a resolution or a desirable and tolerable outcome.

Therefore what you are truly experiencing is the increasing levels of confidence in your ability, and seeing new horizons for your potential.

See the things is, as you increase your confidence you have now acquired a broader range of skills and knowledge to draw from and challenges you once thought impossible become possible.

In time this becomes wisdom.

This is the understanding, knowledge and proven good judgement combined with compassion and virtues such as ethics and benevolence : a big word but it simple means a quality of being well meaning; or to have kindness.

Probably the most important thing that influences your self confidence is by far the way you talk to yourself, the thoughts you create and the tone in which mind chatter is received. This is usually done during the recalling of incident or recounting an experience where you remember the negative elements, the things not done well, the failures.

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